Emergency consultations on destruction images by Daesh (video)

The Security Council of the United Nations should convene urgent consultations on the protection of the cultural heritage of Iraq against movement Daesh

That finds. The culture-and erfgoedtak of the UN is ' deeply shocked ' about online published images of the demolition of an iconoclast by Director Irina Bokova said Daesh in Mosul, Thursday. In the movie is to see how Daesh-Warriors of the terrorist movement, historical objects from the Mosul museum store to pieces. Daesh considers the centuries or even millennia old works of art as idols.UN spokesman Stephane Dujarric called it abhorrent and criminal ' demolition '. It robs people of their past, he said. According to Bokova violates the iconoclastic Daesh by a resolution of the Security Council on the protection of cultural artifacts on the battlefield in Iraq and Syria.[video = youtube; o1HAVdWlXhQ] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = o1HAVdWlXhQ [/video]

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