Section on body beaten to death arrestee from Aruba

On the body of the 42-year-old man from Aruba who died Sunday after his arrest in the Hague, is section.

That has the Prosecutor's Office Monday. The Riijksrecherche investigates the death of Mitch Haile. He was arrested Saturday night at the festival Night at the Park in the Hague zuiderpark. HENRIQUEZ opposed according to the ORDER against his arrest and the police used violence. However, witnesses report something else. It reported Sunday that he had become unwell on their way to the police station.Monday afternoon left it to know that this is not shown because there is now more information. So on to see images of the apprehension that something with Haines at the hand seems at the time that agents still have to drain him. The criminal investigation is looking for more witnesses and people who have filmed the arrest. That have focused on Facebook in abundance reported.

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