Jewish terrorist puts out Gay Pride participants Israel down

Surely six participants of the annual Gay Pride in Jerusalem Thursday stabbed.

The police held an Israeli Orthodox Jew to as a suspect, a spokeswoman. It is reportedly to be a man (see photo) that ten years ago stabbed three people during the parade and was sentenced. According to the Red Star of David, the Israeli variant of the Red Cross, a woman is seriously injured. Four men and a woman were there very less. All injured are about thirty years old.

Eye-witnesses reported seeing an Orthodox Jew "everyone on his way" see had stitches during the attack. "We heard screams and everyone ran away. On the ground lay people covered in blood. "

Ten years ago there was also an attack on participants of the Gay Pride in Jerusalem. Three people were stabbed. The perpetrator was sentenced to ten years in prison and recently came free. Thousands of people walked in the parade through the Israeli capital. The parade is the subject of intense discussions between the ultra-Orthodox Jewish minority, fierce opponent of open homosexuality, and the more progressive part of the population.The March went after the incident. "Our fight for equality will only get brighter through this kind of incidents," said a spokesman for an organization for gay rights.

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