Thalys-shooter is 26-year-old Moroccan

There is becoming more known about the man who Friday assassinate in the Thalys from Amsterdam to Paris.

According to the Spanish newspaper El País is the 26-year-old Moroccan Ayoub El Kahzzani. He lived in Spain and France in 2014 would then to have moved. He would also have been recently in Syria. El Kahzzani was by the Spanish security forces in image for its radical Islamic beliefs, writes El País.The train is still on the drive Saturday by the French Arras. There is forensic research. How long the train still remains, is not known. No trains on the track drive. Other train traffic to and from Arras is just resumed Saturday.The American news channel CNN has gotten a movie which the overpowered shooter is that Friday is supposedly a massacre wanted to havoc in the Thalys. The movie is with a mobile phone made by the American student Anthony Sadler.The captured man is in on his stomach in the aisle, with its feet and hands tied together behind his back.

ayoub el kahzzani