Agnieszka drowned was on his way to Canada

The three-year-old Syrian boy who drifted ashore Wednesday on the Turkish coast, was with family members on the way to Canada.

That says a woman from the city of Vancouver Thursday in Canadian media. She is family of asylum-seekers. The photos of the dead boy shocked Wednesday the world. According to Fin Donnelly was her nephew Mohamed Kurdi together with his parents and brother on the road. Their inflatable boat capsized for the Turkish coast. The five-year-old brother and mother also drowned. Father, Abdullah, brother of Zoey, survived.Donnelly had done the family travel sponsored attempts to get into Canada. They sent a letter in March by the family to the immigration Minister Chris Alexander, but the request for help was rejected.,, this tragic loss is heartbreaking, '' Ina said that the news Wednesday and also heard the gruesome photos by Agnieszka saw in the media.

mohamed kurdi