Moroccan participant want K3 is multicultural

The Antwerp Nora Gharib would like to see K3 what is multicultural in composition.

The muslimah who in everyday life as a saleswoman works, as a candidate to the tv program K3 are looking for K3. In a movie for the program says Gharib that with a muslimah in Q3 a large target group, "but it is very nice for children themselves to be able to associate." The 21-year-old Gharib does aware as mahaffey to the show in which Karen, Kristel and Josje go looking for three new singers for the Flemish poptrio.Previously reported sources all that production company Engineer a muslimah in the new occupation though. Nora's parents are from Morocco and her mother and sister support her. Her father finds it rather difficult, according to the candidate. "Not Now, but singing was used to be a topic where we talked less about." Nora is Friday night to see in the tv-quest on SBS6.

nora gharib