German police chase down Arab attackers

Representatives of the city of Cologne, of Justice and the Federal Police are Tuesday about the massive assault and deprivation of women who in the night of new years eve in the German Cathedral City took place.

The authorities have now knowledge of ninety women who have been harassed, a good part of it also sexually. About sixty of them have registered. The women were at the station of the city right next to the dome enclosed by a group of around a thousand men between 15 and 35 years of Arab and North African origin. They were then deprived of things like money and phones, and often also sexually assaulted. Many men would have been drunk.

Although the Cologne police after the first reports about one hour at night more than 140 people sent to the station and there is also some 70 Federal policemen were present, those could not outweigh the enormous group of men who had gathered there. Mayor Henriette Reker has announced that it will track down the perpetrators anyway. Ralf Jäger Minister of Interior of the Federal State North-Rhine Westphalia told the city in each case all support, according to the newspaper Die Zeit.

The police is with naming the origin of the defendants deliberately deviated from the directive that from publicity. The police find that that may be concealed in an exceptional case like this. She says now about 80 women's statements. A third of them is also sexually harassed. The Town Council in the eye that in about a month the famous Cologne Carnival breaks out. They want to avoid repetition. Rachael wants than more staff support and video surveillance in the city.

Also in Hamburg made the police Tuesday reported women who the night of new years eve by groups of men were sexually harassed and robbed of their belongings. Both in Hamburg as in Cologne is the police looking for witnesses, in particular people who have made recordings of the incidents.

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