Fifty dead in night club Orlando

By the shooting in a gay club in the American Orlando are certainly fifty people killed.

That has Mayor Buddy Dyer of Orlando announced at a press conference Sunday. It would be the deadliest shooting in the United States by a single shooter ever. Sure 53 people are in hospitals, said a trauma surgeon at the press conference. The hospitals have called up six surgeons who had been all morning operations.

Several injured are in critical condition. The surgeon said people can donate blood at their local blood bank and that this will help enormously. Before the cops came to the word corresponded Congressman Alan Grayson questions from the media. According to Grayson was called the offender Omar Mateen, a man in his twenties, born in the United States.

The FBI said that the relatives of the shooter have not yet been informed, and that the identity of the perpetrator only then.

buddy dyer
omar mateen