These are the Moroccan athletes who have to bring us the gold

More than 10,000 athletes are coming weeks at the Olympic Games in Rio. Also a Moroccan team of dozens of athletes has gone.

Last night the opening ceremony for the 2016 Olympic Games, held in Rio de Janeiro. It is the first time that the summer games take place in a South American country. Morocco is also present at this international event. With as many as 49 athletes the Moroccan team takes part in this 28th Edition of the games.

It is the 14th time that Morocco is participating in the games. In those 14 participations knew to conquer the Moroccan athletes in total 22 medals (six gold, five times silver and eleven bronze).

The most famous name of one of the participants is that of Boxer Mohamed R. After winning the world title of his weight class in Qatar he qualified, without too much damage, for the games.

1. Abate Ait El Abdia (cycling)
2. Sally Ait Ouagram (wrestling)
3. Malika Akkaoui (atletliek)
4. Chakir Ansari (wrestling)
5. Rababe Abbey (athletics)
6. Mohamed Arjaoui (boxing)
7. Naima Bakkal (soccer)
8. Imad Bassou (judo)
9. Kirsten Balla (athletics)
10. Soufiane Bouqantar (athletics)
11. Wiam Dislam (soccer)
12. Khalid El Aabidi (weightlifting)
13. Abdelati El Guesse (athletics)
14. Samir El Hissouf (athletics)
15. Soufiane El Bakkali (athletics)
16. Fouad El Kaam (athletics)
17. Salima El Ouali (athletics)
18. Younes Eddy (athletics)
19. Zohra Ezzahraoui (boxing)
20. Hamid Edmonds (athletics)
21 Dwayne H (cycling)
22. Maha H (golf)
23. Omar Ha (soccer)
24. Mohamed Hamout (boxing)
25. Siham Hilali (athletics)
Abdelati Iguider (athletics) 26.
27. Hind Jamili (canoeing)
28. Brahim Kaazouzi (athletics)
29. Achraf Kharroubi (boxing)
30. Rachid Kisri (athletics)
31. Willie L (boxing)46. Hicham Sigueni (athletics)
47. Mostafa Saha (athletics)
48. Ya Zakarani (fencing)
49. Nathanael Zouak (judo)

For the schedule and the results you can go to the following link: