Bizarre stupidity: burqini forbidden to strange reason

The Mayor of the fashionable resort of Cannes, the French banned female swimmers to "swimwear that bears witness to a religious belief, while France now target of terrorist actions".

This is-you guessed it-especially to the burqini, the lichaamsbedekkende swimwear that Muslim women wear. Mayor David Lisnard told the newspaper Nice-Matin that he took the decision in the context of the State of emergency, which has been in force since november in the country. "We have not banned the veil, not the yarmulke, not the cross, there is simply a ban on the symbol of the Islamic extremism."

That is a bizarre concept. How can a link between boerkini's and Lisnard extremism is not clear. Boerkini's are used by non-extremist Muslim women who want to swim. The group that wants to shun Lisnard comes from himself at beaches near to the many non-covered beach goers.

Muslim organizations have called to jointly to appeal against any fines.

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