Murder by very young teen jerks Moroccan city

The Moroccan city was the day before yesterday the Fqih Baby scene of a gruesome murder.

Al Akhbar today reports that the drama in the area took place around half past three in the Oulad Sidi Chennan afternoon. There fought a young man of 21 and a teenager of 16 years a feud with their hands. The 16-year-old boy pulled on one point, however, a knife and stuck it in the heart and then the victim to escape. The victim was left in a pool of flood.

The police knew the culprit quickly identify and a manhunt was launched. He was eventually found near the cemetery of the district. The teen turned out earlier to have stabbed someone. The 27-year-old man who he stabbed in september still fighting for his life.

His latest victim died some moments after his arrival at the emergency room.

oulad sidi chennan
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