Teacher in Morocco seriously injured after attack student

In Morocco a miss is the victim of an aggravated assault.

Overcrowded classes, lack of facilities, respect and violence: Moroccan teachers get quite a bit for their molars. That turns out again after the abuse by a teacher in the secondary school Badr Mesnana in Tangier. The abuse was made Wednesday morning, Al Akhbar today. It all started when the teacher to the boy asked if he wanted to carried. They also pointed him to the class rules.

That the boy did not like too much then the attack . He was the teacher several times on the face making them bruises and injuries sustained. Happy handles classmates in, otherwise it's much more serious may come to an end. The victim was subsequently to the Mohammed V Hospital for first aid.

She can work her not perform. The doctor wrote at least 18 days of incapacity for work for. The teacher has registered against the boy.