Islamic PJD party wins elections Morocco

Mohamed Assad, the Interior Minister, has released the results after the elections yesterday.

As was expected the PJD won-party of premier Adnan Baby the elections quite easily which makes the party remain in power over the next five years. When the votes were counted this morning for 90% turned out to be the party to have achieved 99 seats, followed by the PAM-party with 80 seats.

Istiqlal follows with 31 seats and the RNI with 30. The people's movement has 17 seats while the UC has managed to secure 16 places. USFP got 14 seats while PPS (7) and MDS (3) on a proper distance. The great revelation of the elections is the FPS with two seats. Two one-man parties each took one seat.

Now the last votes are counted there may be small shifts take place. The final results will be known later. King Mohammed VI will appoint as Prime Minister again Baby. Below he claims victory.

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