RIVM: shower after sports on artificial grass

Although there is now no reason according to the RIVM " to stop " with sports on the artificial turf fields, recommends that the public health Institute to children to take a shower and afterwards in the clean clothes.

It is also advisable not to let children play with the rubber granules that on such an artificial grass pitch. The reason for the sudden concerned about the artificial turf pitches is a broadcast by Zembla Wednesday. Scientists say that in it the RIVM has never examined or carcinogens in this so-called rubber granules in the body of athletes.

Minister Edith SCHIPPERS (Sport) has ordered the RIVM reconsidering the rubber granules on artificial turf fields may impair health. They stressed that they act as a precaution and that parents in the meantime their children with peace of mind can let go on the field.

Monday is there a consultation on the findings of Zembla between RIVM, the KNVB and the Association Sport and municipalities (VSG).

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