President takes coffin to Morocco mosque polling station

In order to ensure the fairness of the elections, some involved far, very far.

The President of a polling station in Chtiouka Ait Baha region is the day after the voting process in the publicity appeared to a remarkable measure. When Friday prayers came, the President just to go to the mosque. To prevent any trickery with the votes he took the coffin containing the ballots, Al Aoual.

He left the coffin upon arrival in the trunk of his car. Not everyone is happy with the measure of the man. ' It's a shame. The President of polling station 19 in Sidi Boushab in Chtouka Ait Baha left his polling station and took the coffin to the Friday prayers ', says PJD member Mohamed L on Facebook.

"I have complained to the authorities of the region. They assured me that the behavior of the President an incident is and has nothing to do with regional rules or authorities ', he declared against the source. The big question is whether people were prevented to vote at the time the coffin was gone.

' The Commission of the elections will soon judge ', the political activist.

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