Complete Moroccan family almost died from old milk powder

Milk powder with an expired shelf life has almost cost the lives of a family of five.

The milk powder was imported and sold by smugglers Spain Morocco on popular markets in Casablanca and Rabat, reports Al Massae today. A family member bought the milk in Derb Ghallef. When the family drank the milk from Casablanca went very wrong. They ran all serious food poisonings and even feared for their lives. After research proved the smugglers to be specialists in the smuggling of old food.

The milk powder that the nuttigde family is of Dutch origin and normally of very good quality. Because the product was obsolete and far above the use-by date was sold at very low prices in Morocco after the smugglers managed to get inside the Morocco.

The sale of contraband is commonplace in Morocco. The danger, however, lies in the food products which are no longer available. Remove packaging smugglers often deceive buyers. The Moroccan food and consumer product safety authority took rather musty cheese and butter. Supervisors keep ever more frequently checks but that can still not prevent human lives in danger.

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