Rich children Morocco arrested for fraud

The Moroccan security services have managed to a bunch of crooks from wealthy families.

It is the voltage? Or boredom? What the reason behind the criminal practices of the rich children was: the surprise was great when their names appeared in the police investigations. The young people from the wealthy families are suspected of fraudulent practices in business, forgery and even drug trafficking, Al Massae today. The case was arrested by the police of Kenitra.

The research ran all but easy because the police all had trouble with identifying the rich scoundrels. They live in the posh areas of the city. The police had to use the latest technologies to the young people. The newspaper reports that the police are surprised about the elegance of one of the young men. He promised Moroccans to let them immigrate to Europe, mainly to Switzerland.

In return, he demanded amounts up to 100,000 dirham. The suspect had some passports in his possession when the police expanded the investigation to his home. However, he was not the only rich child who wanted to earn some money at. The same team of researchers also previously picked up a young man from a wealthy family. This was specialized in drug trafficking.

In a third case involved real estate theft, also committed by rich people. The widow of a rich man tried with false documents to sell property belonging to her late husband. An official helped her with this. The heirs eventually warned the police.