Agent in Morocco saves life of colleague by ' mcharmal ' to shoot down

The scum of the Moroccan society inspires millions of Moroccans fear. Young people are ' mcharmal ' and waving like with machetes and swords.

This group of young people, often dressed in track suits, sports shoes and with strange hairstyles, daily for robberies. Who does not want to work will get there with large weapons of along. In El Jadida yesterday morning a similar robbery took place in the popular district of Essaadiyyine. Local residents complained about two mcharmals which is firmly held near home.

Two cops on motorbikes left with emergency to neutralize the danger. On arrival they could immediately identify and appeal to the two attackers. One of them was arrested without too many problems while the second is not easily won.

He decided to attack one of the agents with a long sword and opposed fiercely. Amazingly, he knew the agent not to hit with his weapon. Because his fellow fast procedure could the attacker no further attack. The agent fired twice in the air when he saw that his colleague in problems wrong. When the warning shots not helped he shot aimed at the legs.

The bullets neutralized the attacker. The danger of the culprit lurked in the fact that he was under the influence of drugs, but also a notorious repeat offender turns out to be. He has at least 15 attacks with knives on his account. The police took care of an ambulance that the attacker was brought to a hospital. Doctors there extracted the bullets from his legs.

He is out of danger and like his accomplice will be tried.

el jadida