Scary clowns terrorize also Australians now

An American trend in which people disguised as scary clowns passers-by the alarming, seems to have spilled over into Australia.

Police have warned that they may now armed Jokers punishable. Flows in the country this weekend reports about ' horror clowns '. A woman from Brisbane told local media how they had to flee for a clown with a knife. That happened to a woman from Redland Bay, who was attacked in her car. "I drove that bloody thing almost. I screamed so hard ", she told the Courier Mail.

The authorities in Western Australia can not laugh at the hype. In the State are all clowns signaled with machetes, according to WAtoday bats and even a chainsaw. The police announced in action to come when inhabitants terrifying.

Inhabitants of New Zealand also appear not to be safe; a 22-year-old woman was attacked by men in clown suits. "It was a frightening experience for the young woman", police said.

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