Three years in prison for Italian terror suspect in Morocco

The Italian terror suspect who in Oujda is arrested and accused of preparing terrorist attacks is convicted.

He has three years in prison. After that, he will have to leave Morocco. The Court of appeal in Oujda spoke out on the case last Thursday, Al Massae this weekend. The suspect was arrested at the airport in June last year of Oujda and denied all allegations and his relationship with Daesh. He claimed to have traveled to Morocco to settle there.

He has a Moroccan woman and a baby of five months old. According to his family he wanted to look for a job to support his family. His defense was based on allegations that the charges against him are unfounded and not based on any tangible evidence. The public prosecutor did not agree and clearly stated that the charges not to meet her.

The police services of the Airport arrested the man on 8 June last year based on reports of its membership and involvement in Daesh. He tried, among other things, Syria and Iraq to reach Daesh-camps in and then had to order of leaders of Daesh to Morocco to terrorist projects.

As first target he had a sensitive spot in Casablanca, where he already had done various preparations.