Four dead in severe accident in Tangier

In Tangier last week found a heavy traffic accident between a truck and a car.

Al Massae reports this weekend that the accident is due to speeding and irresponsible behaviour of the motorist. The newspaper writes that it is one of the most horrific accidents this year in the urban fringe of Tangier. The accident took place in the Mgougha district. Eye-witnesses reporting against the newspaper that they saw the motorist at high speed drive with four people on board.

He drove middle of the road and ended up against a truck. The driver and three passengers died on the spot. A fourth passenger Also were on serious injury ran. two other wounded in the truck. According to the newspaper the rescue services had great difficulty to the dead bodies out of the car and to save the wounded.

By the hard collision hit the car so severely damaged that confined the occupants complete.

traffic accident