Princess Lalla Meryem visit wedding Albanian Prince in takchita

Princess Lalla Meryem yesterday participated in the wedding party of Prince Leka II of Albania and Elia Zaharia, celebrated his bride in a former Royal Palace in the Albanian capital.

The wedding ceremony was attended by dozens of other Royal guests and other prominent figures, including the Albanian president and Prime Minister Bujar Nishani Edi Ramana. Upon her arrival in the Palace was the Moroccan Princess welcomed and accompanied by the master of ceremonies, Prince Charles Murat. They also posed with the princely wedding couple.

After the exchange of the rings moved to the Princess for the official dinner, organized in honor of the guests. Lalla Meryem represented with her presence the Moroccan royal family. King Mohammed VI in Morocco must be left behind given the political movements and the elections in the country.

princess lalla meryem
prince leka ii
elia zaharia