' Feud following shooting Amsterdam '

To the fatal shooting Saturday morning in the Jan Evertsenstraat in Amsterdam went probably a quarrel beforehand.

That concluded the police Sunday after hearing eyewitnesses. The shooting took a 44-year-old man's life. Two friends of his 50 years of 44 and suffered minor injuries. The victims are no acquaintances of the police. According to eye-witnesses were given the three men arguing with a group of three or four men.

This would be one of them and a firearm have drawn on the friends have shot. One of them died later in the hospital.

Saturday afternoon was in a parking garage on the Koningin Wilhelminaplein in Amsterdam a man shot dead in his car in front of a woman and child. The woman was injured. The reason for this shooting is still unclear. The police can not say yet whether it is a liquidation. Though the police investigates whether there is a link with a burnt out car in the nearby Heemstedestraat was found and possibly served as a getaway car. According to local media was the victim no known in the underworld.

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