Girlfriend shot man in Amsterdam out of danger

Amsterdam (Reuters)-the thirty-year-old girlfriend of the man who was shot Saturday afternoon in a car park in Amsterdam, is in knowledge and out of danger. That left the police Monday morning. The woman was seriously injured when the car in which she and their two year old daughter, was taken under fire.

The child remained unharmed. The reason for the shooting incident in the car park on the Koningin Wilhelminaplein in West is still unclear. The 31-year-old man, a familiar face in the Amsterdam nightlife, died on the spot. The family is not known to the police.

De recherche shall examine whether there is a connection between the attack and a burnt out car that is found on the nearby Wittgenstein Avenue and possibly served as a getaway car. In Hoofddorp was later an empty car found that possible on the flight is used.

koningin wilhelminaplein