' Football is affecting each other in forest and pasture for rig brawls '

Hooligans of, among others, Feyenoord, Fortuna Sittard and the Belgian Standard Liege meet settled in the countryside or in forests for brawls.

In the secret in recent years dozens of these freefights have taken place. Choose expressly for the fighters to stay away from the cameras in and around football stadiums. Nieuwsuur reports that Sunday night. Under the motto "minimal chance of being caught, maximum confrontation ' choose the hard core for places in nature. Football hooligans want to little words about the freefights, but do not deny that they take place.

Frank Darius, in the Council of Corps commanders the portfolio football, is aware of the matpartijen: "under the radar are still frequent this place". The Rotterdam police boss finds that highly undesirable. The national police does not tolerate them, even though it is usually fought with bare hands, without weapons and in places where no one noticing. Paauw announced early this year to go to files building of the leaders of the hard core, to make them harder to.

Russian and English supporters were this summer in Marseille clashed with each other during the European Football Championship. The Russians were well trained, were organized and were clearly looking for English supporters. To prevent Dutch ' professional ' fighters bosses in stadiums or on events popping up, the police intervene.

But the football hooligans can also learn this kind of fighting, is Professor of clinical psychology Jan Derksen. "Such a pasture where they harass and no one can destroy anything is actually a very good solution," he says on the website of Nieuwsuur. De Jong calls the freefights a good outlet.

The age limit according to the Professor of Radboud University in Nijmegen or eighteen years of age. Also he finds that who injured himself at the freefights should pay for the hospital costs.

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