Moroccan mosque Lead wild after undercover in Netherlands

The leadership of the Leiden mosque Imam Malik is furious after the broadcast of undercover in Netherlands last night.

The mosque was depicted at the broadcast on illegal practices. That while the mosque have nothing to do with such matters. In a statement gives Islamic Center Imam Malik explanation over the broadcast on illegal marriages. ' This has for many reactions and roering ensured at the grassroots ', writes the mosque. The mosque was depicted several times but the mosque itself does nothing wrong.

The mosque is of the opinion that the proper name is affected: ' we are thanks to the program directly associated with shutting down illegal marriages. There were plenty of ways for the program to introduce and discuss the theme without our mosque to associate with this. '

The mosque also took the time to respond to this illegal marriages. These are both legal and Islamic incorrect, according to the administration. These practices should therefore be addressed it is suggested in the statement. Finally, claims the mosque a rectification of the SBS and the program. The mosque does not exclude legal action be taken.

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