Exploratory investigation into Al-Raza mosque after undercover in Netherlands

The public prosecutor does a range finding study " to the " Al-Raza mosque in Almere.

That happens according to a spokeswoman after the broadcast of the SBS6 program undercover in Netherlands. In it was to see that the Mosque would contribute to illegal, religious marriages. "We look first if there are any criminal acts," says the spokeswoman in response to a message from Broadcaster Flevoland. Of persecution is not yet.

In the program was Sunday evening using a hidden camera to see that a woman did as if she wanted to marry a Muslim. She was his third wife. It is recorded that the President of the Mosque would contribute to the marriage, even though it is clear to him that there not under Dutch law is married.

A religious marriage in Netherlands may only be closed, for example, at the Moroccan Consulate, as a civil marriage is consummated.

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