Daesh again-women arrested in Morocco

Yesterday, anti-terror units arrested two women in Morocco with terrorist motives.

This reports the Interior Ministry in a statement. Their arrest followed after investigation by the Central Bureau of Investigation (BCIJ). One of them is the brother of one of the women who was arrested last week. He tried to save chemicals for the manufacture of explosives in a farm in the city of Guelmim. In raids in this city and Tan-Tan are texts with chemicals found to be used for the bombs.

On the walls of the House were texts that terrorist organisations praised. The women also were found to have been involved in the publication and distribution of documents and forms with knowledge about explosives, weapons and techniques of guerrilla fighters. In addition, the police found photos and video images of bloody crimes committed by Daesh.

The suspects are after completion of the research brought to justice. Ten women were earlier arrested for the formation of a Daesh-cell in Morocco.