Morocco throws foreign turmoil Sowers of the country

The Moroccan authorities have two Spaniards and a citizen from Salvador expelled from the country because they wanted to participate in an activity of a separatist NGO in the Moroccan Sahara.

The activists are opposed to the Moroccan Sahara and support associations that advocate for secession. They wanted a Conference attending the ' Sahrawi Association of victims and serious violations of human rights (ASVDH). It comes to Carlos Martin Beristain, Arantza Chacon and Gloria Guzman. Beristain works for Basque Studies-Institute for cooperation and development to the University of the Basque country.

Chacon is part of the Basque network for support for Sahrawi women. The three activists are known for their hostility towards the territorial integrity of Morocco. They were planning to take part in the Conference "together against impunity and hiding the truth ', organized by ASVDH.

This organization is legal in Laayoune, but the Moroccan authorities accept the interference of foreign activists absolutely not. Chacon tells against EAGLES that they in a hotel in Casablanca airport. They were arrested by agents in plain clothes in a plane of RAM on arrival in Laayoune. Almost immediately, they were sent back to Casablanca. There they fly to their home countries.

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