Hotel staff Fes picked up to steal from tourists room

Two members of a well-known hotel in Fes have outdoor security cameras to be counted when they decided the room of tourists.

The two tourists were sitting at breakfast when the employees saw their chance. Meanwhile, the two women had not by that their personal belongings were taken from their room, a space that must be always safe for tourists. However, the thieves thought to have nothing to fear and names besides money also mobile phones, tablets, and cameras.

When the women were back in their room they saw that the stuff were gone. After they decided the police did report a large investigation. In it, among other things, the camera images were viewed. There they saw the two men enter the room, Al Akhbar today.

However, it is not the first time that tourists are victims of theft in the city. A tourist was the victim last week when it came to be under the threat of a knife during a tour through the medina of the historic city. The police arrested 20 suspects, all alleged thereupon tourist guides.