Imams come with fatwa against illegal marriages in mosques

A group of imams, including the highly respected R Nafi and Abu Ismail, has published a joint statement on illegal marriages in mosques. To this end, the imams and mosque authorities decided after the broadcast of undercover in Netherlands. Below you can read the statement.

A Muslim has to abide by the laws of the country where he lives. This also applies to matters relating to the marriage. As the Dutch law stipulates that a religious ceremony may take place only if the marriage before the Registrar is consummated, the Muslim is bound.

In addition to complying with the law, guarantees a contractual commitment of the marriage at the rightful authority also the rights of the man and the woman. This is very important given the adverse consequences which an unregistered marriage sometimes may have for a married couple, in particular for the woman. Islam has the aim of guarding the honor and protect the rights of people.

Because these matters in our time are payable only if they have been established officially at a civil service, it is required to do this. The Islamic basic principle is also ' that what it takes to be a obligation to, is also required. In recent years we have seen and heard what the consequences of marriages that are not recorded at the registry office.

Women who are trapped in situations where they are not chosen. Harrowing stories of abuse, exploitation and abuse. All this because some men do not fear Allah and do not respect the rights of their women. That is why we are asking polite but urgent to the mosques and imams in the Netherlands to close any Islamic marriages more before they have seen a document showing that the marriage between parties registered with the civil registry.

Also we ask of the Government to Islamic organizations and Muslim representatives to come together to find a solution for this problem.

Foundation as-Sunnah, the Hague
The Blue Mosque, Amsterdam
Omar Alfarouk mosque, Utrecht
Essalam mosque, Rotterdam
Centre the middle way, Rotterdam
Imam Abu Ismail
Imam Yassin Eaton
Imam R Nafi
Imam Azzedine Karrat
Imam Ahmed Talib
Imam Said Tissoudali
Imam Remy Sahu
Imam Arrachied Ganesan

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