Shot Amsterdammer known of the police

The man who Monday night late in Amsterdam-Zuidoost has been killed in a shooting, was an acquaintance of the police.

The victim was 24 years old and died of his injuries on the spot. According to the police went to the shooting on the Meibergdreef, in the neighborhood of the academic medical center (AMC), a abuse beforehand. This would have happened earlier in the evening at a catering business to Reigersbos. The assailant fled on a bicycle towards Holendrecht.

Police have scoured the area, including a police helicopter and a call via civil network. Are any trace of him. The victim, according to Het Parool a criminal who had quite a few have had, including an attempt to murder, heavy assaults and thefts. The police could not confirm this.

It is the third fatal shooting in Amsterdam in a few days time. The incidents have no connection with each other. According to a police spokesman has the detection of firearms a high priority. "We try as much as possible weapons of the street. People they are holding, they also do not hesitate to use. "