Morocco comes but not off of mika-addiction

Zero Mika, that's the big dream of the Government when it comes to reducing harmful plastic. Citizens have more trouble with the new law.

Three months after the entry into force of the law 77-15, which the ban on the production, import, export, marketing and use of plastic bags regulates shows that many Moroccans but no alternative. Plastic bags are harmful to the environment, there is widespread. In a country where every citizen more than 800 plastic bags used measures are needed on an annual basis, that is clear.

To transport products from the store or market home already use many Moroccans alternatives. The majority, however, remains at the plastic carrier bags. Huffington Post Morocco tells that a simple walk through a popular market shows that only a small part of the vendors to choose alternative carriers. The majority is still selling plastic bags, embarked on the illegal market.

Plastic carrier bags for most Moroccans still the cheapest way to stuff in. Despite strong mobilization, the eradication of plastic carrier bags do not have the desired effect. That is partly by wrong choices and a lack of support, sign Abderrahim Ksiri opposite folder. He is a member of the Moroccan Organization for climate (CMJC).

According to him, some manufacturers have decided to resume the production of plastic bags and that is contrary to the above law. In addition, save their battle smugglers. From one strikes massively plastic carrier bags in Melilla and Ceuta. For the time being it remains a fight against old and new thinking and to citizens in it little by little. And as we all know: renewal takes time.

Operation Zero Mika is the result of a years-long process that began in 1997 and in 2009/2010 was strengthened with the prohibition on black plastic bags. In July this year were all types of bags banned.

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