Moroccan Rambo grabs phone thief (video)

Hicham Mellouli State in Morocco known as the Moroccan Rambo thanks to an impressive toned body and his strength.

The Moroccan Rambo also shows an excellent citizen. Thanks to his athletic ability, he has managed to overpower a phone thief in the city of Fes. After the overpowering Mellouli went over to a civil judgment. In a video is to see that the Madrigal Rambo appeals to bystanders and them says they have to do because Morocco there laws for him nothing.

In these types of situations are criminals sometimes beaten and verbally abused because citizens take matters into their own hands. Mellouli has also a machete in his hand, this used the mugger probably at the theft.

The video is by Fes News Media published and now hundreds of thousands of views.

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