King Mohammed VI will receive brand new premier Baby (video)

After the crushing victory of the Islamic PJD party during the parliamentary elections last Friday it was all a little: Adnan Baby remains Prime Minister.

The Moroccan King Mohammed VI received him yesterday afternoon in the Palace of Casablanca. There he appointed the premier officially as Prime Minister for the next five years. He also gave him directly with a very tough job: the formation of a new Government. This reports the Royal family in a statement. Baby took out 125 seats in total for the second Room.

Baby now need the bin to coalition partners. Given the rock-hard campaigns for the elections is going to be a hellish job yet. Baby was attacked from all sides to convince the Moroccan voter not for the PJD. Did that most Moroccans though.

[video = youtube; beYn-ualbWE] v = beYn-ualbWE [/video]

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