Just released man kills friend after bizarre feud in Morocco

A man has murdered his buddy in Morocco after a ruzietje about a prostitute.

The thirties just had a prison sentence for acting in drugs when he went in the error again. According to Assabah, he has a friend killed when arguing about a Lady of easy virtue. The feud broke out in a cafe in Hay Salam, near Sidi Bernoussi in Casablanca. A prostitute just sat there at the table waiting for which of the two would speak to her friends.

The two were in on this discussion. In the end it was not the final killer, but his friend-a street vendor, who took the prostitute. That could be the just released offender do not act. When he had swallowed pills drugs he decided the next day armed with a knife to the House of the street vendor.

There he cut him by the throat. The police knew the man pretty quickly to grab, during interrogation he confessed the murder. He gave as reason that he was under the influence and not normal could consider.

sidi bernoussi