Morocco is making recycling work: 70,000 jobs on arrival

Morocco hopes over the next five years to increase the speed of collection and recycling from 5% to 20%.

In Morocco 60% of all organic household waste can be recycled, Ajourd'hui Le Maroc reported today. Recycling has the advantage that it has positive effects on climate change, which Morocco for years is doing. With the International Earth Summit COP22 outside Morocco has new ambitions in this respect. This is also necessary, because the figures are as yet little ambition.

Currently the total recycled content 500,000 tonnes per year, which amounts to only 10% of the total waste generated. Important link in this are the collectors, often against small fees the first link in the recycling system of Morocco. On the basis of a study by the world bank, there were 7,100 collectors in Morocco in 2011.

Today there are thousands more and varies their daily yield of 70 to 100 dirham per day. The Ministry of environment has a national programme for household waste created. Ultimately, that in 2022 lead to a percentage of 20% of the recycled waste. In the next five years by 70,000 jobs Morocco can recycling, said the Ministry.