Also seen in Oss death scary killer clown

Also the police in Oss warns for a so-called ' killer clown '.

In Almere warned the Police yesterday for a similar figure that people the fright by dressed up as a scary clown with a knife by the city to run. The police in Oss reports Tuesday evening on Facebook that the ' killer clown ' dressed in a clownspak with a terrifying clowns mask, brandishing a knife and a hammer, Monday and Tuesday near the Alder end Park is seen.

The ' horror clowns ' seem to pop up in Netherlands American example. There it seems to be a trend in which people disguised as scary clowns passers-by the alarming. Recently this trend seemed to be skipped to Australia. Also there was recently several times mention of ' horror clowns ', mostly based on the scary clown Pennywise from the series It, based on a book by Stephen King.

"Apparently, you will find it funny or nice to people the scare of their life ', ' says the police Oss on Facebook, which stresses that it is a criminal offence in this way ' clown ' to play." For the safety of bystanders, and our own security, we will provide you as possible with our violent means. With all the consequences that this entails. We want to prevent these situations and we want to advise you directly with your ' funny ' actions to stop. ''

A similar message also gave the police in Almere Tuesday.

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