Salah Abdeslam do not need lawyers: ' Allah will watch over me '

The lawyers of terror suspect Salah Abdeslam draw back.

The only surviving suspect of the attacks on 13 november in Paris, cloaked in silence for months. He would not be a new lawyer want. Abdeslam in France continues to refuse to make a statement on the attacks. Every time he is headed for the examining magistrate, he relies on his right to remain silent. "I no longer want the lawyer of someone who has decided not to defend", says toppleiter Frank Berton in an interview with the standard.

The French toppleiter and his Belgian colleague Sven Mary left to Abdeslam know that they are no longer his lawyer. "When we informed him our decision, Abdeslam me said that he would address a letter to the investigating judge in which he renounced his right to defence", said Frank Berton. "He says that Allah will watch over him."

The standard also reports on the authority of the Federal Public Prosecutor that tries to create more and more minors Daesh warm to commit attacks in Belgium. The recruitment of young candidate jihadists usually happens through social media. The victims are not only underage boys but also girls. Usually rocks their age around 16 to 17 years.

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