King Mohammed VI visit African countries

The Moroccan King Mohammed VI starts soon with a new tour of African countries.

The information has not yet been officially announced by the Royal family but according to the usually well-informed Jeune Afrique is the tour focused on East African countries. According to the journal the King will also visit Ethiopia, Tanzania and Rwanda probably. In these countries it is quite restless by the protests months ago. These were directed against the local governments.

That Mohammed VI would like to visit Addis Ababa is not so surprising, for that State in January a new top planned by the African Union. Morocco has officially informed the back wanting to return to the Union. It is the first time that Mohammed VI will visit this part of English-speaking Africa.

' These countries are of strategic importance to Rabat seen the will to return to the African Union and the struggle for recognition of territorial integrity in Africa ', according to the newspaper. This quoted a diplomatic source. The trip should take place next week, after the opening of a new parliamentary period on 14 October.

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