Money for Moroccans with poor asylum application in Netherlands

Moroccans who do in Netherlands an asylum application and get a nice bit of money as this is pretty hopeless as ' cliffordobeng78 premium '.

Get voluntary departure at the Moroccan asylum seekers up to 1950 euro per person. Also running the State for the cost of the air ticket. In comparison, the average monthly wage in Morocco is such a 350 euro, according to the associated press. State Secretary Deen says to be surprised by the figures he still didn't know. And as you know: when it comes to certain groups are policy makers prepared to switch quickly.

That's what Dent than also promised: direct work to make the abolition of the departure premium, but he promises nothing. If the scheme he wants to stimulate departure pragmatic.

The number of asylum applications is increasingly common from Morocco. This group is probably via Germany to Netherlands Moroccans. Germany and Morocco all agree that came before this group send asylum seekers back. It seems that they find their salvation now increasingly in Netherlands.

Last month there were 285 requests at the IND, three times as much as people from Syria. In addition to Moroccans also come many Algerians to Netherlands with an asylum application. This group of North Africans often disappears after rejection in the illegality and turn them off is difficult. That is why they a departure premium in the Netherlands.

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