Police can not laugh at ' loser-clowns '

The police is the ' killer clowns ' that people hunt the details fed up.

"Adolescent and died", calls the police the phenomenon, which has spilled over from the US and Australia. In a press release the unit East Netherlands complains about ' clowns ' that need to be addressed by loser-educators, schools and friends. "We do not know if everyone that realizes, but if there's declaration is made can the ' joke ' turn into a real police investigation with all the consequences that this entails."

Include in Oss and Almere came the police in action after reports were received about clowns with knives milling about. It has not yet led to arrests. In the message placed prominently on the own website designates the police media out "that the tension is mainly in the attention that this gets". "Over attention on tv, radio, social media and in newspapers can these types bragging rights."

killer clowns