Morocco 80 women in new Parliament

In the Moroccan second Room will get a seat exactly 80 women.

Twenty of them have managed to secure their seats that are reserved for young people and local politicians. The total of 80 women had there if the feminist movements is much more. However, it is a big step forward, especially when compared to the previous parliaments, Assabah today reports. Especially the Islamic PJD-party many women are: 18, followed by competitor PAM (14 women).

The biggest victory for the women is according to the newspaper, however, the Group of nine women, who themselves as female candidate in the room have fought through local lists. They have fought and got enough votes in their constituencies to take place on behalf of their parties.

Five candidates by PAM: Fatima Zahra Mansouri and Jamila Afif in Marrakech, Asmae Chaabi in Essaouira, Wiaam Ouazzane and Amal Lmharchi in Balla in Larache. Last mentioned is of the MUR-party. The other women are of PJD: Azzouha Laarak in Oued Eddahab, Nouzha El Ouafi and Amina El Ouafi in Casablanca and M'Barka Bouaida in Guelmim.

Khadija Rebbah, well-known feminist in Morocco, despite the increase in seats for women disappointed and stressed that the number of does not meet the 20% of the aspirations of the Moroccan feminist movement.

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