Divorced wife in Morocco after one year end to rapes

A divorced woman, who lives with her three children in El Jadida, is a year long raped by a fugitive.

The 32-year-old woman lived since her divorce only in El Jadida, where she worked as a service woman at different employers for its children. The children are 4 to 11 years. The victim lived in a building where a woman lived with her son. The son is a well known by the police and has already been under lock and key due to the sale of drugs.

He turned out to be a nightmare for the poor woman and her three children. He visited them regularly with a knife or sword, to the mother to rape under the threat of the weapon. Then he threatened to kill her and her children to kill. That went almost a year long by. According to Assabah gathered the woman eventually enough courage to the man.

She did last weekend at the police station in the neighborhood. He was immediately arrested and taken into custody. Last Monday, he appeared for the public prosecutor in the Court of El Jadida. There he was accused of rape and kidnapping under threat of weapons.

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