Toughest girl by Morocco brings rare disease on the map

Aya is in Morocco a fame for her fight against the pounds. The 200 km of which she currently weighs she walked on by the rare syndrome Prader Willi.

Prader Willi Syndrome will as side-effect also for morbid obesity. The disease was unknown in Morocco, to the 11-year-old Aya for the cameras appeared and the news. Prader Willi is in Prader Willi Association Morocco unknown will do something against Morocco. Therefore one has held a press conference about the syndrome.

The parents of Aya and the girl were themselves not present today. They dominated the past two weeks the news and now undergoes a rigorous treatment to her weight. This encounter with the press was motivated primarily by the desire to raise awareness about Prader Willi. Raquel Marin, President of the Association, says not to want to focus specifically on Aya with the Conference.

She is also mother of a child with the syndrome and has fought for years so that her son could achieve a normal weight. They jumped right into the breach when Aya appeared. According to her the disease requires a quick response, already in the first months after the birth of the child. She advises the parents of Aya and others to guard case.

' If a baby has problems at the power supply and the muscles do not do their job, that's a red flag and one needs to act, "says Esther. They also stressed that the treatment of patients a whole life long and, above all, preventive. Treatment is not so very difficult and involves the use of growth hormones, sports activity and visits to specialists such as nutritionists and psychologists. Also includes diet is very important.

It is her dream of becoming a Centre for children with the syndrome. Currently there is no official information about the number of children with the syndrome. The Prader Willi Association thinks, however, that Morocco twenty cases counts.

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