Horror clown get hits in Delft

A horror clown who in Delft have had on a boy of fourteen is Wednesday night itself beset.

The teenager was walking his dog in the Theresa Street when he was harassed by someone with a clown mask and a red wig on. The boy, who according to the Delft police self-defense sport, gave the clown some big hits. As far as is known it is in Netherlands for the first time that a horror clown ' turn '. He ran off and is no longer seen. Presumably he is injured. According to the police haaglanden, the boy and his mother have not yet registered.

The phenomenon horror clown, also called killer clown, has been around for a while in the United States, Australia and Great Britain. The last days swooped on several places in Netherlands horror clowns on, inter alia, in Almere, Oss and Rotterdam. They hunt unsuspecting passers-by tables.

McDonald's took out Wednesday the clown Ronald McDonald from the Dutch branches. Did before the fast-food chain that is already in the United States. The company finds it because of the malicious ilk now not appropriate to show the clown in the branches.

killer clown
theresia street