Four women accusing Donald Trump of sexual assault

Four women accusing Donald Trump of sexual harassment. The Republican presidential candidate she would have kissed, also on the mouth, and groped. A woman says that he has grabbed her breasts.

American media are reporting the allegations, that as far as is known, have not yet led to Declaration. The oldest allegation was more than thirty years back. On behalf of Trump claims the lawyer Marc Kasozwitz that The New York Times a piece in which two women the Republican accused of sexual assault, withdraws. Rachel Crooks says in the newspaper that they in 2005, unwanted on her mouth got kissed.

Jessica Leeds, now 74, thirty years ago by Trump (70) in a plane are bothered. Unsolicited he fingered her breasts. "He looked like an octopus. His arms were everywhere. " Trump's campaign team called the accusations of the two women "fiction". The Palm Beach Post and a journalist from the magazine People made afterwards still reported sexual harassment by Trump.

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