President Al-Raza Mosque on non-active

The President of the Board of the Al-Raza mosque in Almere is laid off. According to Secretary Mohamed Omaran he may not exercise its function as long as the research runs to closing illegal marriages in the mosque.

The SBS6 program undercover in Netherlands Sunday sent a report. In it was to see that the Mosque would contribute to illegal, religious marriages. The public prosecutor does "a range finding study". "We look first whether there is crime", a spokesman said earlier. Of persecution is not yet. In the program was Sunday evening using a hidden camera to see that a woman did as if she wanted to marry a Muslim. She was his third wife. It is laid down that the President wants to participate in the marriage, even though it is clear to him that there not under Dutch law is married.

According to Islamic use should a man in total with four women getting married. A religious marriage in Netherlands may only be closed, as a civil marriage is consummated. The Board of the mosque takes away from what happened. "As believers we give every Muslim the advice to adhere to the laws of Netherlands. Of people who do not respect this law, the request is rejected. It is our duty to point this out to the community. "

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mohamed ziezan