100 million years crocodile found in Morocco

On the vast landscape of Kem Kem, in the South-East of Morocco, small crocodile found of 100 million years ' young '.

Kem Kem is known as popular area for the find of dinosaurs and a giant fish from prehistoric times. A team of French researchers has now found the upper and lower jaw of a small crocodile species. The teeth of the animal kept the jaws together. Scientists thought at first that the to the muzzle of a small mammal, but later they discovered that it was a crocodile. The animal was only 60 centimetres long. In the specialized journal EurikAlert state that the animal especially in shells and insects at.

In contrast to crocodiles that we had this krokodilletje contemporary more teeth so that it preys could just chewing. Dr. Jeremy Martin, one of the researchers, says that the animal probably had a tough life between all large carnivorous dinosaurs. In the water life would not have been any easier because there were swimming giant fish. The animal would be especially safe between his cousins ', the flesh-eating crocodiles.

' The next step now is to understand their lives and how they functioned in the ecosystem and evolved. This discovery opens exciting perspectives for the paleo-ecological research ', concludes Martin.

k. pillai