Moroccan family injured by stone by car window

A family in Morocco is narrowly escaped death after miscreants threw a stone on their moving car.

Tuesday the family was en route when the crazies a stone on the car threw between Mohammedia and Bouznika, reports Huffington Post Maghreb. The father and his children ran minor injuries on while the mother of the family seriously injured. She had to undergo emergency operations, thus, a friend of the family know on Facebook. Houria Nadifi shared photos of the incident on her page. To see how a large stone in the car is next to drops of blood.

In the car window is a gaping hole. The Facebookpost became more than 1,900 times shared and there were a lot of comments. Many complain about the safety on the Moroccan motorways because in August found a similar incident. Then came a couple and their daughter near Marrakech. There are two persons for the accused. Them being premeditated murder and forming a criminal gang.